Skype offers free WiFi calls at hotspots

By | March 4, 2005

Skype, the leading provider of internet phone calls, and Broadreach Networks, announced a partnership offering free calls over Wi-Fi from handheld devices at 350 locations across the UK.

“Starting today, wherever there is a ReadytoSurf hotspot, Skype users will enjoy the benefits of their Skype account at no charge whilst away from the home or office,” the two companies said in a statement on Thursday.

The deal lets anyone running Skype to log onto Broadreach WiFi networks, without registration, and phone calls straight away. In addition, Skype free client should encourage people to use handheld devices and PDAs more often, helping Broadreach do more business.

´We want Skype to be ubiquitous. This is part of our strategy to make Skype available wirelessly,´ said Niklas Zennstrom, Skype´s co-founder and chief executive.

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