Skype Makes Cell Calls Free

By | November 11, 2004

Skype, originators of free Internet phone calls, has extended its reach even further by offering free cell phone calling – in partnership with Siemens – in Europe.

Siemens new Gigaset DECT wireless cell phones, accompanied by the Gigaset M34 USB adapter, will allow users to leverage Skype’s existing Internet platform in order to give users free calling to anywhere in the world, all from the Siemens handset.

The handset has been designed to provide cordless access to Skype features including free Skype-to-Skype calling, buddy lists, the Skype Global Directory and conference calling.

“We launched the Siemens Gigaset internet telephony solution so that consumers can benefit from cheaper or even free calling and messaging,” said Paul Reitmeier, president of customer premises equipment devices at Siemens.

The adapter works with the recently launched Gigaset C340/345, CX340/345isdn, S440/445, SX440/445isdn, S645 and SL440.

Skype is already viewed by the telecommunications industry as a major threat to their customer base, and why shouldn’t it be a threat? Free phone calls! Ultimately, it is Skype’s goal to give users choice. Using Skype’s service is still using the Internet, with all of the foibles and concerns that go along with it. If the promise of free calling is enough to tempt you then Skype could be your company.

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