Skybox Security and Application Security, Inc. Announce Integration, Co-Marketing and Co-Sales Partnership

By | December 25, 2006

Skybox® Security, Inc., the leader in Security Risk Management (SRM), and Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc®), leader in database security, today announced the formation of a partnership to add application and database vulnerability scanning results to Skybox View´s unique virtual modeling and simulation technology.

The solution is delivered as a new capability in the third-generation release of the award-winning Skybox View® Suite (see today´s related announcement at For the first time, organizations can have a centralized and normalized view of application, database and network risk-related data for the purpose of performing detailed business and technical impact analysis in order to reduce risk, reduce IT workload, streamline policy compliance and automate audit processes.

Application- and database-related security incidents are one of the toughest challenges facing organizations tasked with protecting sensitive business and personal data. In fact, market research firm Gartner estimates that 75 percent of attacks that take place occur at the application layer. Through exploitation of application vulnerabilities, attackers can often access stores of sensitive corporate data and cause irreparable damage. This partnership seeks to address enterprise needs for improved application layer security. Driven by customer demand, the Skybox and Application Security, Inc. agreement encompasses three distinct components: product integration between the Skybox View(TM) suite and AppDetective(TM); sales referrals; and joint marketing cooperation.

“Skybox View´s unique virtual modeling and simulation capability, when used in combination with AppDetective, provides customers visibility into application-level vulnerabilities in context of their larger risk management process,” said Ted Julian, vice president of marketing and strategy for Application Security, Inc.

Skybox View 3.0 models vulnerabilities found by application and database scanners and enables organizations to run attack simulations in order to understand attack paths to critical applications; prioritize application vulnerabilities in context of their impact on business assets and policies; generate application-related risk metrics and enable more efficient remediation planning taking application and network configurations into consideration.

AppDetective, Application Security, Inc.´s flagship product, is a network-based, vulnerability assessment scanner that discovers database applications and vulnerabilities within the enterprise. AppDetective is part of the company´s comprehensive vulnerability management solution, recognized throughout the industry as the most complete and widely deployed of its kind. In addition to AppDetective, the suite comprises AppRadar(TM) for real-time database activity monitoring, and DbEncrypt(TM) for column-level encryption.

“With Application Security, Inc.´s support, the Skybox View vulnerability dictionary becomes the most comprehensive in the industry, representing a superset of CVE and vulnerabilities that result from network scanning, application scanning and database scanning results. Duplication is eliminated and results are normalized across multiple vendors,” said Gidi Cohen, chief strategy officer for Skybox Security.

The partnership includes three joint business efforts to develop and promote the value proposition of the combined product offering:

Product Integration: AppDetective scanning results are incorporated into the Skybox View model.

Sales Referrals: Skybox and Application Security, Inc. sales representatives will conduct joint sales calls to mutual customers who benefit from either an integrated product offering or the addition of one of the company´s respective solutions.

Joint Marketing: Skybox and Application Security, Inc. have agreed to conduct joint marketing programs including joint collateral and presentations, joint website exposure and promotion, and educational webcasts that promote the value proposition of the combined product offering.

The application and database scanner support is available immediately for all existing and new Skybox Secure customers at no additional cost.

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