Skybox and ISS Deliver First Virtual Modelling Environment for IPS

By | December 26, 2006

Skybox® Security, Inc., the leader in Security Risk Management (SRM), and Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS), the worldwide leader in pre-emptive, enterprise security, today announced the industry’s first virtual modelling environment for Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). The solution is delivered as a new capability in the third-generation release of the award-winning Skybox View® Suite (see related announcement at

Today’s announcement delivers on the second phase of the previously announced Skybox and ISS technology alliance to integrate the Internet Security Systems™ Proventia® Network Intrusion Prevention System product line with Skybox View´s modelling, simulation and reporting capabilities.

With Skybox View’s IPS modelling and simulation capability, operators can answer three pressing questions for every organization looking to fine tune IPS configurations in order to realise the full potential of their powerful threat prevention features:

Is the IPS deployed in the right network location?

Is the IPS configured properly?

Are the correct blocking characteristics turned on?

“The majority of network administrators do not have a good visualisation of what the network looks like,” said Greg Adams, vice president of product management, Internet Security Systems. “Skybox View´s unique virtual modelling and simulation capability, when used in combination with the ISS Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System, helps customers make risk-based decisions about where to deploy IPS and how the positioning of IPS technology can alter an organisation’s security posture for the better.”

With Skybox View 3.0 IPS modelling, organisations can run attack simulations to test IPS configurations; generate IPS-related risk metrics to quantify the effectiveness and value of the IPS to the business; and drive effective and efficient remediation with IPS prevention capabilities.

“By applying analytics, IPS products can now be tuned to take full advantage of their intended prevention mode with full confidence, increasing their value to an organisation’s overall security risk management program – while also generating risk metrics necessary for business and compliance validation,” said Gidi Cohen, chief strategy officer for Skybox Security.

The Skybox and ISS technology alliance was announced June 14, 2006 to bring clarity to customers’ network security postures and create more efficient risk management processes. Driven by customer demand, the technology alliance encompasses three distinct components:

Product integration between the Skybox View™ suite and the ISS Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner, ISS Proventia Management SiteProtector™ and ISS Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System

Sales referrals

Joint marketing cooperation

The IPS modelling module is available immediately for all existing and new Skybox Secure customers at no additional cost. The new Skybox IPS dictionary, which maps IPS signatures to vulnerabilities, is also available immediately and can be purchased for an additional annual content fee.

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