Seven steps to keep instant messaging secure

By | April 18, 2006

Instant messaging is a phenomenon that infiltrated corporate America like bedbugs in a flophouse. It burrowed its way into companies a few users at a time, became fruitful and multiplied, and today has become a popular tool for employees to carry on business and, yes, exchange the occasional message with buddies scheduling that night´s cocktail hour.

Yet IM can introduce some nasty byproducts to a company´s security posture. The wildfirelike growth of the technology has led to a spike in the number of Internet bloodletters who have found a new and vulnerable target for their attacks. And the speed with which an IM worm can propagate leaves a typical e-mail attack looking like a funeral procession down Main Street. “The fastest-ever e-mail threat took about 10 hours to hit 500,000 sites. On IM, it takes about five to seven minutes,” says Francis deSouza, CEO and president of IMlogic, an IM security company acquired by Symantec early this year.Read Full Story

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