Service Providers Must Protect Customers from DDoS

By | June 29, 2006

The recent case of Blue Security, where the reverberations of attacks from criminal spammers brought down hundreds of ordinary web users and small internet companies, has highlighted the vulnerabilities within major internet services. Many service providers have not been fully equipped to deal with the high-level DDoS and DNS amplification attacks that are increasingly occurring.

After Blue Security made its exit announcement, UltraDNS, one of Prolexic’s DNS partners, was attacked and compromised. This attack impacted the Blue Security site as well as several of Prolexic´s clients. Working with UltraDNS, other DNS providers and its own proprietary technology, Prolexic successfully contained and mitigated the attack – which was the first of its kind.

Darren Rennick, CEO, Prolexic Technologies, said: “We are now seeing unprecedented DDoS attacks in terms of size, nature and maliciousness. Our first hand experience of this new level of attack gives us the in-depth knowledge to be able to continue to develop our defences and solutions, ensuring our customers have the best DNS protection in the industry as well as web and application DDoS protection.”

In the UK, very few hosting facilities are equipped to deal with such attacks, leaving their customers at risk. Prolexic partners with TelecityRedbus, the leading provider of co-location and managed data centre services in Europe, to provide its customers with the highest level of security.

Matthew Gingell, Marketing Director, TelecityRedbus, said: “The cyber criminals are persistent – if they can’t get through one opening, they will keep trying until they find the chink in the armour. If hosting companies don´t offer their customers the highest-quality DDoS protection, then the customers should move to a hosting facility that does.”

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