Sendmail Mailstream Software Family Delivers Packaged Compliance and Advanced Protection for Email Security

By | April 25, 2006

Sendmail Inc., the leading provider of enterprise solutions for secure, dependable and compliant messaging, today announced the Mailstream family of email security and compliance software. Building on the success of Sendmail Mailstream Manager software, the Mailstream Family provides the most comprehensive anti-abuse and compliance-enabling software portfolio available today.

Sendmail “Active Policy”

Unlike most email security solutions that simply scan for spam and viruses, the Mailstream family delivers Active Policy, Sendmail´s industry-leading platform for compliance and security. Sendmail Active Policy automates security and compliance with pre-built lexicons (HIPAA, GLBA, SOX), including the ability to easily create new policies using an intuitive Web-based interface. With comprehensive capabilities and virtually unlimited flexibility, Active Policy provides organizations a solution to keep pace with rapidly changing conditions.

“Email security is incomplete without policy. When it comes to advanced requirements like compliance, governance and directory utilization, none of these can be addressed without this important capability,” said Richard Kreysar, CEO of Sendmail. “The Mailstream family´s Active Policy continues Sendmail´s practice of delivering intelligent technologies to solve complex business problems. Active Policy allows organizations to extend messaging security beyond the existing technology limitations to provide broad compliance and, ultimately, complete message control.”

Sendmail “Anti-abuse”

The Mailstream family of security and compliance software takes email security a step beyond traditional solutions. Building on the Sendmail MTA´s world-leading secure routing infrastructure, the Mailstream family enables SMTP-level connection control; zero-hour anti-abuse protection from spam, viruses, phishing, and malware; and directory integration for directory-optimized security. Sendmail anti-abuse capabilities are tied together with Sendmail´s Active Policy – allowing email security to solve business problems.

Security Without Deployment Boundaries

The Mailstream family is designed to address the distinct capabilities required at each layer of the messaging network. Each product and solution fulfills distinct roles and provides unique levels of business value. The Mailstream family includes the following packaged solutions for enhanced security and compliance:

Mailstream Guardian – Gateway Email Security Software:

* Guarantees delivery of inbound and outbound email under any


* Protects the email systems from DoS/Distributed DoS, and

dictionary-style attacks

* Stops directory harvesting, targeted phishing and penetration of

enterprise systems

* Blocks email to invalid recipients at the network edge

* Provides up to 50% reduction in email volume and network load

* Regulates connections to assure predictability and quality of


Mailstream Gatekeeper – Gateway or DMZ Email Security Software:

* Provides routing, connection control, spam and virus protection,

and policy management for inbound and outbound messages

* Enhances security and control with Sendmail´s industry-leading

Active Policy

* Enables rapid time-to-value with pre-built: policies, lexicons,

and encryption

* Prevents DoS, DDoS, Directory Harvesting Attacks, protects

groupware from unwanted mail

* Stops spam, phishing, viruses, zero-day threats, spyware,

dangerous URLs, and other email abuse

* Secures intellectual property and sensitive personal data with


Mailstream Governor – Enterprise Network Email Security and Compliance


* Provides routing, virus protection, policy management,

archiving, and user quarantine for legal defense purposes

* Enables fine-grained content filtering between individuals,

departments, divisions

* Delivers on-demand regulatory and business compliance with

industry-leading Active Policy

* Enforces HR appropriate use, regulatory compliance, and

selective archiving policies

* Supports prevention of regulatory penalties, lawsuits, fines,

and negative publicity

Immediate Availability

The entire Mailstream Family is available today to address any organizations security and compliance needs.

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