Sendmail Announces Availability of DKIM Enabled Sentrion Appliance and Switch MTA

By | February 13, 2006

Sendmail Inc. today announced availability of Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) authentication in the Sendmail Switch MTA, and the Sendmail Sentrion email gateway security appliance, making it the first company to provide software and appliance products that enable this ground-breaking sender authentication technology. By verifying incoming messages, organizations can weed out targeted spoofing and phishing threats, virtually solve false positives and eliminate identifiable spam.

“The incorporation of DKIM supports Sendmail´s goal to provide customers with the latest email security technology available to defeat unwanted messages and targeted attacks,” said Richard Kreysar, CEO, Sendmail. “Adding DKIM support to our Sentrion appliance and Switch MTA is another example of our commitment to technology leadership and ability to bring to market the latest innovations in email security.”

DKIM, currently moving through the Internet standards process, is very similar to Caller-ID on the telephone, or presenting a passport to customs. As a user-transparent email authentication approach, used at the email gateway and integrated within the email routing fabric of the Internet, DKIM enables senders to cryptographically sign message headers. This allows email recipients to securely verify the identity of the message sender, using private-public key (PKI) technology.

“As a co-author of the DKIM specification, Sendmail is especially pleased to be the first and only company with open source, commercial software, and appliances to deliver this important technology,” said Eric Allman, co-founder and chief science officer, Sendmail.

DKIM has unprecedented support from a long list of blue chip companies, including Cisco Systems and Yahoo!. In addition to Sendmail, most of the leading email security companies are backing DKIM as a standard. For a complete list of supporters, please visit:

“We are seeing broad support for authentication technologies such as Domain Keys Identified Mail as an important part of solutions to combat phishing, spam and spoofing. Sendmail´s active support for DKIM in their open source and commercial products is strong validation of the benefits derived from this technology,” said Sanjay Pol, vice president, Cisco Systems.

Using the Sendmail open source and Switch MTAs, and the Sentrion security appliance, organizations can now sign outbound and validate inbound email, similar to the Caller-ID telephone structure. With this new DKIM technology, Sendmail extends its existing support for Sender Authentication. This enables Sendmail Mailstream Manager to apply intelligent policies to determine how a message should be handled based on verified, unverified signatures, and sender´s published signing rules. Effectively, Mailstream Manager can grade email into verified, suspect, or forged categories, significantly improving the security against spoofing, phishing, spam and false positives.

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