SecurityMetrics Releases Merchant Risk Analysis Module for Merchant Compliance Console

By | June 2, 2006

SecurityMetrics, a leading provider of data security products and services to the Payment Card Industry (PCI), today announced a major enhancement to its Merchant Compliance Console allowing acquiring banks to analyze and classify the data security risk of their merchants.

The SecurityMetrics Merchant Compliance Console is used by most acquiring banks to ensure that their merchants comply with the PCI Data Security Standard. All merchants must comply with the PCI Standard; however, acquiring banks find that obtaining compliance of all of their merchants at once is a difficult task. The SecurityMetrics´ Merchant Compliance Console solves this problem. It classifies merchants by specified criteria to analyze security risks. Using the Console, acquiring banks can systematically focus attention on a subset of their highest risk merchants to reduce compliance liability. As the subset of high risk merchants reach compliance, the Console can be used to focus attention on an additional subset until all merchants are compliant.

Brad Caldwell, CEO of SecurityMetrics said, “This enhancement to our already proven Merchant Compliance Console allows acquiring banks to manage their large merchant base including Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. This innovative approach dramatically reduces the bank´s work load while immediately reducing compliance liability. This comes at a pivotal time when consumer confidence in online transactions is waning due to identity theft and privacy concerns. We anticipate that all acquiring banks will use this sensible proven approach to reduce their work load while reducing their compliance assessment liability.”

In 2004, all payment card brands endorsed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards to protect sensitive credit card information. The Standard requires all merchants to comply with these strict guidelines. Acquiring banks have the responsibility to ensure that merchants comply with these standards.

SecurityMetrics, Inc. is a Qualified Data Security Company providing Payment Card Industry (PCI) Certification for merchants and a comprehensive beginning to end program for acquire banks to facilitate merchant enrollment. Services include: vulnerability assessment scanning, onsite security audits, penetration testing, and intrusion detection and prevention appliances. SecurityMetrics is a privately held corporation based in Orem, Utah.

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