Secure Your Data With A Fingerprint

By | June 22, 2006

Too many passwords to remember them all? Don´t know where you´ve left all those different login codes? Afraid that somebody might crack them? Now with the new JetFlash 210 you can secure up to 2GB of personal information with a fingerprint.

The Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Drive incorporates advanced fingerprint recognition technology. It allows you to securely store files, folders, documents, photos and music on one tiny device. All you need to do is slide your finger across the sensor strip to access or protect your data. You can grant access to your personal e-documents to a maximum of ten trusted members through their fingerprint.

Your Password is Unique

We have passwords for personal data, banking, email, websites (each requiring their own login), personal computers, systems at work and just about anything that you can put a lock on. In reality, we simply use the same password for everything, or we write it down. Neither is secure, and remembering the user-names to satisfy login formats can be worse than remembering the password itself.

Thankfully, there are now programs to automatically record and fill-in web forms on your behalf. Now it is easier than ever to store your electronic identity on a single convenient memory. Nevertheless, with flash drives getting smaller and transfer speeds faster than ever, your entire digital life can disappear, in a flash. The solution of course is yet another password! This time make it a biometric password.

An exclusive key to all your passwords

The JetFlash(tm) 210 comes preformatted as two logical drives: a private and a public one. Thanks to a repartition tool you can adjust the size of the two partitions, thus customize the size of the Private and Public areas on the JetFlash 210 to suit your requirements.

Using a fingerprint to access all of your passwords, data, and websites removes the need for usernames, codes, and a good memory. With the new JetFlash 210, which uses only quality NAND-type flash chips and components, your data is ensured for longer.

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