Secure VoIP

By | February 14, 2006

The allure of Internet phone calling is understandable — dirt-cheap calls to anywhere in the world, sound quality that´s at times superior to the traditional land-line and the ability to take your phone number with you when you travel.

But, buyer beware. These calls are just like any other form of digital communication, like e-mail, which can be hacked, spammed and saved on servers.

While Internet calling programs from Skype and Vonage to Google and Yahoo are getting more and more popular, security experts warn that they´re not as secure as your traditional land-line.

“Lots of people are ignoring the risks about it,” said Rodney Thayer, a Mountain View security consultant. “Sometimes there´s absolutely no encryption. Someone could listen to your conversation. It´s not clear that these services have been hardened so that no inappropriate activity could take place.”Read Full Story

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