Secure Valuable and Sensitive Data in MySQL

By | August 3, 2006

Unlike database backup procedures, which can be automated, securing your data from the prying eyes of unauthorized users requires a certain amount of interaction from the system administrator. If you´re using MySQL, there are some easy things you can do to secure your systems and significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

The most valuable asset for technology-based organizations is usually the customer or product information in their databases. And so, a critical part of database administration in such organizations consists of securing these databases against outside attack and hardware/software failures.

In most cases, hardware and software failures are handled through a data backup regimen. Most databases come with built-in tools to automate the entire process, making this aspect of the job relatively painless and error-free. What´s not so simple, however, is the second half of the puzzle: making sure that outside hackers can´t get into the system and either steal or damage the information contained therein.Read Full Story

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