Secure Storage Application Platform-based Solution Provides Enterprise Encryption for Data Replication as First Offering as HP Partner

By | May 24, 2006

MaXXan Systems today announced it has joined the HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP), and will offer secure enterprise storage solutions with integrated components from both companies.

“HP has a rich heritage of providing innovative, world-class solutions to IT customers,” said Jeff Whitney, Vice President of Marketing and Channels at MaXXan. “As such, they are ideal as one of MaXXan´s earliest strategic partnerships for CipherMax(TM) Enterprise Encryption.”

One of the first of these solutions is Secure Data Replication, or Secure DR. MaXXan´s high-performance enterprise encryption product, CipherMax, can be used to encrypt all data on disk and tape drives within an enterprise data center for a Secure SAN environment. By integrating HP hardware and software with the MaXXan components, customers also have the ability to extend the Secure SAN environment to remote data centers and IT locations elsewhere in the enterprise.

In the Secure DR configuration, CipherMax encrypts all data as it leaves the corporate data replication server. The data is completely secure during the entire transmission process, instead of creating a potential security risk while passing through the communications media. For immediate use, a Secure Storage Application Platform (SSAP) with CipherMax at the remote location can be used to decrypt the data at line speed. If the remote site is intended to be a disaster recovery facility, the data can remain encrypted until access is needed. In this manner, third-party service providers, outsourcers and even internal employees without proper business cannot access the data inappropriately.

The Secure DR solution was tested using HP StorageWorks EVA6000 and EVA8000 storage arrays, HP Storage SAN Switches, and HP Business Copy EVA software, suitable for sites at distances of up to 70 kilometers. For distances beyond that, HP Continuous Access EVA replaces Business Copy EVA.

CipherMax is a storage security service that runs on 16 FC-port intelligent line cards (ILCs) in MaXXan´s enterprise-proven line of SSAPs. This modular design offers scalability, flexibility and reliability while offering unmatched price-performance. The SSAP is available in two versions: the MXV250(TM), supporting 16 through 64 multipurpose FC ports, and the MXV500(TM) that can scale to 256 ports. Both SSAP platforms are capable of clustering for further expansion and even higher availability. The SSAPs use interchangeable ILCs which support AES-256 encryption, standard SAN storage support, and high performance Fibre Channel switching capability. Both disk and tape storage can be encrypted with CipherMax in a single SSAP.

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