Secure Developers Portal for Instant Messaging Bots

By | March 20, 2006

IM Interactive and Akonix has announced the launch of IM Interactive´s IMProv Center, an innovative development and hosting portal for creators of IM bots built upon Akonix´s leading real-time and presence based communications development platform, L7 Builder.

The online portal will enable developers to quickly and easily create new bots using Akonix L7 Builder´s IM and presence technologies. Bots developed through the IMProv Center are then licensed to be deployed over the MSN Messenger Network, a worldwide network community of approximately 205 million users.

“Akonix is pleased to have been selected to provide Akonix L7 Builder as the development platform for the IMProv Center,” said Peter Shaw, chief executive officer of Akonix. “IM Interactive´s portal will stimulate many new innovations in the deployment of bots on the MSN Messenger Network as developers take advantage of easy access to the features of L7 Builder.”

IM bots offer users real time access to information and applications via MSN Messenger. Applications include interactive weather, sports updates, local event information updates, shipping applications, games and other interactive real-time applications. Companies are deploying IM bots to leverage their existing content and services through this new communication channel that is being adopted by business and consumers alike. IM bots provide additional brand awareness to very tech savvy and mobile audiences.

Akonix L7 Builder provides developers a complete set of tools to quickly create IM bots. The bot development platform provides a Microsoft .NET (C#) SDK that includes an intuitive set of API´s, session management and an IM Markup language. MSN´s Activity API extension for the MSN Messenger Network will also provide developers the ability to add rich interactive content inside of an instant messaging session, further leveraging real-time interactivity

“The IMProv Center will deliver an environment that will provide the tools to make bot building easy and accessible to the developer community, and provide them with licensed, streamlined access to the MSN Network community. IM Interactive Corp. has unique knowledge and expertise in IM application development and our intent is to open this area to the community at large,” said Joe Mazzarella, chief executive officer of IM Interactive Corporation.

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