Secure Computing Launches Identity And Access Management Appliance

By | September 5, 2006

Secure Computing Corporation has announced the availability of its SafeWord SecureWire 50 identity and access management (IAM) appliance – the remote access, authentication and compliance hub for small and midsize enterprises. The SecureWire 50 provides secure SSL VPN-based remote access for as many as 50 concurrent users, with an add-on module that can accommodate up to 100 concurrent users.

The SecureWire solution provides secure anytime, anywhere access to critical data and applications, providing a broad range of access and identity capabilities, including Web-based remote access via SSL VPN, wireless LAN management, endpoint device security, as well as internal Network Access Control (NAC). SafeWord strong authentication tokens are included with the SecureWire solution. These tokens are typically used together with a remote access solution to positively establish the identity of users entering the network. Organizations that are deploying a remote access solution no longer have to look to different vendors for these key components of an IAM solution.

For small and midsize enterprises that are looking for an SSL VPN remote access solution, the SecureWire 50 provides lightning-fast, remote access to every application and data resource in the organization’s network. Midsize organizations need a reliable, secure gateway for users accessing the network from remote locations. The SecureWire 50 provides an easy-to-use remote access solution at an affordable price and broadens Secure Computing’s IAM technology lineup that now encompasses small business to large enterprise — in an IAM market that IDC values at $5 billion by 2010. With tight integration to Active Directory, the SecureWire 50 is ideal for the growing number of small and medium enterprise that manages IT in a Microsoft environment. Companies can easily manage user identities by leveraging their existing Microsoft tools and applications.

Identity and Access management solutions such as SecureWire are key components of any corporate IT infrastructure. Without the ability to manage identities and control access, companies leave themselves open to a wide range of internal and external threats. With embedded end-point security capabilities, SecureWire provides a reliable mechanism to achieve configuration compliance ensuring that every end-point device adheres to corporate IT policy, including work PCs, laptops, home PCs, servers and workstations. Only properly configured, properly secured devices are granted access, making certain that system patches, anti-virus software and firewall protection are all in place.

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