Secunia Software Inspector detects insecure software

By | December 12, 2006

Security research company Secunia is offering a free service that detects insecure versions of software that you may have installed in your system. When insecure versions are detected, Software Inspector provides guidelines for updating the software to the latest version.

The Secunia Software Inspector relies on carefully crafted “Secunia File Signatures” to recognise applications on your system. The detected applications are then matched against the “Secunia Advisory Intelligence” to determine whether an application is up-to-date or not. The results are then used to advise you on how to update to more secure releases of the insecure applications.

“By developing the Secunia Software Inspector, we hope to make the job of upgrading software a little easier, especially for people or institutions, who don´t really have a lot of time to spend checking vendor websites or IT security forums for new versions. It has a user-friendly interface and each step is clear and understandable for even novice computer users,” says Jakob Balle, IT Development Manager at Secunia.

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