SECUDE appoints Open-Source specialist as Linux Expert

By | November 2, 2006

SECUDE IT Security GmbH has confirmed the appointment of Felipe Rodriguez, a Linux Kernel contributor and owner of the Open-Source project MGSTEP, as its Linux Expert.

In his role, Felipe A. Rodriguez will be responsible for the development of SECUDE applications for Linux and Unix. In addition, he will lead SECUDE’s development efforts in the USA and coordinate with SECUDE’s development team in Linz, Austria and Zurich, Switzerland. Mr. Rodriguez reports directly to James Andrew Reynolds, VP of Research & Development and Engineering.

Felipe Rodriguez joins SECUDE from SAIC Inc., where he was Embedded Linux Software Engineer. He has extensive expertise in Open-Source Operating Systems, is a contributor to various Linux projects and is the principal developer of the mGSTEP Open-Source project. This makes him an ideal choice to further develop SECUDE applications based on Unix and Linux.

As Senior Software Engineer at 360 Systems Inc. Mr. Rodriguez developed driver and application code for a Linux/Real Time Application Interface (RTAI), Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Mediasonic Enterprieses Inc., a company focused on promoting consumer electronics products. At Digital Wireless Corp., a manufacturer of digital wireless transceivers, he worked as a Principal Software Engineer of mobile wireless terminals.

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