SealedMedia Simplifies Digital Rights Management

By | April 11, 2006

SealedMedia Inc. today launched Version 5.0 of its flagship enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM) platform. The new release delivers unprecedented scalability, improved corporate compliance controls, and intuitive Web-based administration tools that simplify enterprise deployments.

SealedMedia 5.0, which debuts following rigorous real-world enterprise testing, features a Standard Administrative Model and a Web-based Management Console. These enhancements, coupled with the overall simplification of the implementation process, position SealedMedia 5.0 as a mainstream E-DRM solution for everyday enterprise users who need to safeguard digital content within, across and between organizations.

“SealedMedia 5.0 offers a bold leap in functionality coupled with unprecedented simplicity,” said SealedMedia CEO George Everhart. “It delivers E-DRM to the masses, safeguarding e-mail and digital content in the age of corporate compliance.”

SealedMedia 5.0 arrives at a critical time for CIOs, senior IT managers and risk management professionals. According to a recent survey of 29 companies that have deployed enterprise content management (ECM) systems: only 45 percent of employees within those companies use the ECM system, meaning that content isn´t fully protected in the enterprise; 76 percent of participants say they are missing important content protection and control functionality; 80 percent of participants are interested in a solution that would allow them to protect content once it is checked out of the ECM system;

SealedMedia 5.0 is designed with these needs and more in mind. The release builds upon the company´s extensive real-world experience with more than 60 large-enterprise customers and partners, and leverages existing business processes while strengthening workflows. In essence, SealedMedia 5.0 transforms E-DRM from a complex technology into a plug-and-play solution for everyday enterprise users.

Key SealedMedia 5.0 differentiators include: Corporate Compliance Enforcement: SealedMedia 5.0 was designed with corporate compliance in mind. The software´s Standard Administrative Model provides a hierarchical system that manages rules and enforces auditable segregation of duties. For instance, SealedMedia 5.0 can ensure that financial managers can´t access HR records, and vice versa. Such capabilities are critical as companies strive to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other government mandates.

“With SealedMedia 5.0, you are able to very quickly implement a robust, loophole-free, auditable and manageable system that supports Sarbanes-Oxley requirements such as segregation of duties,” said Everhart. “Rival offerings can´t do this because they lack enterprise-wide rules capabilities.”

Enterprise-wide Administration: Unlike other E-DRM products-which are implemented based on individual discretion-SealedMedia 5.0 supports enterprise-wide administration of policies. This ensures that SealedMedia 5.0 scales in global environments, and doesn´t suffer from default restrictions that frequently plague rival E-DRM deployments.

Ease of Implementation: SealedMedia 5.0 leveraged the company´s real-world experience with many large enterprises, fine-tuning the implementation process to speed deployments. In several instances, beta testers deployed and configured SealedMedia 5.0 on a departmental level in less than an hour, while previous releases required a day or more.

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