SealedMedia Safeguards Executive & Board Member Communications

By | June 14, 2006

SealedMedia Inc., Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM) market leader, today introduced SealedMedia Express for Board Communications. The innovative but easy-to-use software enables ‘remote control’ over documents and emails, encrypting information as it is sent to others and ensuring only authorized people – in this case, senior executives and board members – can read, forward, copy, print, edit or even take a ‘screen grab’ of the information, regardless of where it is stored or on how many digital devices.

“Not all board member communications occur in the board room,” says Fran Howarth, Partner, Hurwitz & Associates. “Indeed, these days the logistics of getting everyone to one city can even be difficult. SealedMedia extends boardroom confidentiality to e-mail messages and all content in varied digital file formats. It´s a global solution that is simple to drop-in and use immediately, protecting information regardless of the PC’s and mobile system’s physical locations.”

SealedMedia Express for Board Communications arrives at a critical time for organizational leaders and their board members. Companies typically have to spend roughly $1 million on compliance initiatives for every $1 billion in revenue that they generate, according to AMR Research Inc., a market research firm in Boston, Mass.

“Executives and their board member counterparts must ensure their compliance efforts include their very own communications,” said George Everhart, CEO, SealedMedia. “Organizations that don´t safeguard executive- and board-level communications run the risk of information breaches that hurt sales, reduce income and tarnish their corporate brands.”

In the age of heightened privacy concerns and corporate espionage risks, executives and board members must take progressive measures to safeguard electronic correspondence that involves financial, sales, HR, personnel and other types of highly confidential information. At the same time, executives and board members around the globe need to share accurate, timely information.

SealedMedia Express for Board Communications addresses all of these needs, enabling secure electronic communication among executives and non-executive external board members while auditing access to sensitive documents and email, wherever they are used. SealedMedia’s technology provides persistent protections: Only authorized users can access, edit and share digital information; and a centralized rights server maintains ongoing control over the digital information, regardless of its location.

SealedMedia Express for Board Communications is the latest in a growing family of “Express” solutions from SealedMedia. Each Express offering is tailored for a specific group of users, and features easy, intuitive installation that requires little or no end-user training. The SealedMedia Express product family empowers organizations, executives and approved partners to maintain strict information control, at all times, regardless of where the digital information is sent.

SealedMedia Express for Board Communications works in any networked IT environment and can typically be deployed in less than an hour. For purchase and price information, visit

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