Scottish Executive Moves towards ECM with Objective

By | August 7, 2006

“This is the single biggest IT enabled business change project ever undertaken by the Scottish Executive. It is viewed as highly successful and is on track to achieve all of its stated goals and deliver all its anticipated benefits, within its agreed budget,” says Liz Ure, Head of Information Strategy, Support and Development at the Scottish Executive.

The Scottish Executive is the devolved government in Scotland, overseeing public services such as health, education, justice and transport. It is responsible for the efficient delivery of these services and ensuring they are appropriately managed.

The Scottish Executive recognised that a significant amount of information could not be shared quickly or easily within the organisation. Sharing of information was required to support the culture of openness and collaboration the Executive is striving to achieve, which is aimed at helping the organisation to be more responsive to the demands placed on it both by Scottish Ministers and by citizens and stakeholders.

“Information is the lifeblood of the Scottish Executive´” says Liz.

“Placing a greater emphasis on accessibility, accuracy, efficient storage and retrieval of information is seen as key to securing sustainable improvements in the organisation´s agility and effectiveness.”

Following a OJEU negotiated procurement, the Executive chose Objective´s ECM and as a result has transformed the way it manages and maintains its information and records.

The Scottish Executive spent over 18 months at the start of the project on business analysis, which was conducted with project leaders LogicaCMG, before concentrating on the technology element of the program. The business requirements were carefully scoped out and an in-depth, extensive benchmarking exercise carried out on the previous, complex paper driven records system. Once completed, the next step was designing the file plan.

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