SCO Under Attack… Again

By | November 24, 2004

British security and intelligence firm mi2g has released news that SCO’s various web properties are once again under a Denial of Service attack.

The main SCO site,, has been up and down since Monday, reminiscent of a concerted Denial of Service attack late last year and another earlier this year.

The attacks come as no surprise to industry watchers, as SCO has long been an enemy of the Open Source community and hackers in particular for their lawsuits against prominent Open Source-supporting companies such as IBM and Novell.

A statement by mi2g notes that “sources in the Open Source community have confirmed to the mi2g Intelligence Unit that the SCO DDoS attack is linked to the increasingly radical but small set of members of the Open Source community, who are quite prepared to take the law into their hands and cause reputation damage to those corporations who do not fit the agenda of the Linux and Open Source movement completely.”

“The use of the internet as a medium for protest is growing as special interest groups increasingly take the law into their hands to promote a particular ideal over another without thinking long term about the consequences. This has happened with anti-globalization protestors, Islamist radicals, animal-rights campaigners and now within the Open Source community.” said DK Matai, Executive Chairman, mi2g. “We have some sympathy for SCO because we have first hand experience of facing the wrath of the Open Source community in recent weeks much as love them and are in agreement with their overall philosophy.”

Many related SCO sites and services such as FTP are also being affected. There is currently no information on who is specifically behind the attacks or if they are abating. Either way, as SCO steps up its legal efforts, it is unlikely to encounter fewer attacks and will likely need to resort to more and more desperate means for attempting to block such vigilante justice.

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