SCO Finds a Drop of Common Sense?

By | November 3, 2004

SCO, possibly one of the few companies to regard litigation as its main revenue stream, is considering scrapping plans to launch a corporate “pro-SCO” law and review site.

SCO had planned to launch a website in response to the Groklaw website which launched last year and has been used, in part, to analyze every part of SCO´s legal claims.

But, SCO has put the plans on hold over legal and management concerns, says a company representative. The representative also noted that the domain has been dropped as the name was simply too partisan and transparently biased in comparison to SCO´s other “informational” site currently displays a holding page with the text “The right place for SCO Intellectual Property Information.”

SCO´s intent to launch what is effectively a “contradict the facts” website had recently come under fire from open source and legal advocates around the world. That said, coming under fire shouldn´t be anything new for SCO who also drew the open source and legal community´s ire when they first launched lawsuits against, among others, IBM and Novell claiming intellectual property theft.

Realistically, Groklaw has become known as a community of legal hawks capable of destroying any legal claim with the smallest of holes. While clearly biased and populated by many “blind leading the blind” individuals, Groklaw as a whole is still an incredibly powerful force to be reckoned with., and any other SCO site, on the other hand is likely to be little more than SCO tooting it´s own horn on a separate domain, as there is no following to defend SCO in their legal pursuits.

Obviously SCO´s pride is hurt as they see it as their right to defend what they like to feel is their intellectual property. However, the way to win over the hearts and minds of large communities isn´t by spreading what would be, at worst disinformation and could be, at best the same information they´ve been responding with all along.

Time will tell if SCO´s claims have any merit, if Groklaw had any real effect or if SCO is able to ever be anything but the black sheep of the family. One thing is certain though, Darl McBride, SCO´s CEO, is unlikely to take anything lying down and the open source and legal communities are unlikely to accept SCO back into the fold until they drop all lawsuits and get back to making software.

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