SAP Introduces Security Service

By | December 17, 2004

SAP announced today that it will begin offering customers a new security service aimed at tightening down their existing SAP systems.

SAP, one of the world’s foremost business software makers, has dubbed the package “SAP Security Optimization” (SSO). SSO is effectively an automated monitoring platform installed on top of an existing SAP installation. It requires very little configuration – and thus very few consulting dollars, which every SAP client will be happy about – and is designed to get out of the way and get data to users as things occur.

As a platform, it searches for vulnerabilities in the system, other SAP applications, third party applications, middleware, interfaces as well as externally facing gateways to determine if there is an issue that needs fixed. Effectively, SSO acts as a constant internal security auditor for your SAP and SAP-attached systems.

While the initial evaluation can take upwards of a couple of days, customers do receive a very comprehensive evaluation of security issues and vulnerabilities which are prioritized according to severity and probability – as well as a detailed plan of attack on how to deal with the issues.

SAP Security Optimization is a long awaited move for enterprises that are looking to ensure that their core business infrastructure is protected not only at the operating system level, but also at the business intelligence and application services level.

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