SAND Technology Demonstrates Interoperability with Network Appliance Enterprise Storage and Compliance Solutions

By | October 3, 2006

SAND Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: SNDTF.OB), an international provider of intelligent enterprise information management solutions, today announced that its SAND/DNA™ for SAP NetWeaver® Business Intelligence (SAND/DNA for SAP BI) runs on NetApp® storage systems, expanding customer storage options for SAND/DNA deployment.

SAND software also demonstrated interoperability with NetApp SnapLock® software, which prevents record deletion or alteration until a specified retention date. The compatibility of the two solutions offers joint SAP customers a high-performance compliance solution that helps enable rapid access to data that must be kept available for regulatory purposes.

SAND/DNA for SAP BI was tested for interoperability on a NetApp NearStore® storage system, a hardware complement to the SAND/DNA technology. SAND/DNA was specifically designed to complement the data lifecycle management capabilities available to organizations as their data warehouse solutions grow in size. Users can move infrequently used data onto a nearline storage system, where it is stored in a highly compressed format while remaining easily accessible. As a result, storage utilization is enhanced and the user´s ability to access granular historical data increases without an increase in infrastructure costs.

“NetApp is committed to providing customers with innovative, reliable storage technology solutions that cost-effectively support critical business objectives,” said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Products and Partners at Network Appliance. “SAND´s compatibility with NetApp storage systems will offer our joint SAP customers a solution that enables them to more efficiently leverage large data warehouses and adhere to compliance standards.”

The interoperability testing was successful in both Windows® and Linux® environments with the SAND/DNA solution on a NetApp NearStore storage system. SAND/DNA and SAP BI data were archived to a UNIX® NFS mounted file system and a Windows CIFS share on the NetApp storage system, with the resulting compressed data successfully stored in a SnapLock volume. Data stored in a NetApp SnapLock volume is tamper-proof and cannot be altered or deleted for the duration of the retention period. Customer data remains protected and unchanged, until it is accessed years or decades later.

“As SAP NetWeaver BI databases continue to expand at record rates, SAP users need efficient, cost-effective access to that data, particularly for purposes of regulatory compliance,” said Jerry Shattner, executive vice president, SAND Technology. “SAND/DNA addresses this issue by facilitating nearline storage of critical data for SAP users. We are very pleased to extend our offering to the NetApp unified storage platform, providing our SAP customers with a compliance solution and the ability to more efficiently manage their rapidly expanding data stores.”

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