SafeNet Sentinel Hardware Keys Found Strongest USB Token

By | April 12, 2006

SafeNet, Inc. (NASDAQ:SFNT), setting the standard for information security, today announced that an independent lab, Trace Laboratories, found the company´s Sentinel Hardware Keys to be significantly stronger than competitive USB tokens.

Trace Laboratories conducted tests to quantify the strength of the Sentinel Hardware Key, released in September 13, 2005, as well as several competitive keys. Established over 25 years ago, Trace Laboratories is an internationally accredited, full service testing and analysis company. The tests determined the breaking strength of USB keys when installed in a fixture simulating typical computer orientation. SafeNet keys were found to be significantly stronger than competitive USB tokens. The results demonstrate that the Sentinel Hardware Key is the most impervious to breakage. The total amount of force required to break the Sentinel key ranged from 148% to 544% more than any competitive key tested.

Sentinel Hardware Keys are the first to incorporate public key cryptography, AES encryption and internal authentication. The result is an ultra-secure hardware token that still offers the highly flexible licensing for which the SafeNet Sentinel product line is known. From the beginning of the design phase, SafeNet worked to create a USB device that was not only technologically advanced, but also physically stronger, to minimize the risk of failure in the field. While in the field, these keys are often subjected to extreme environmental conditions and even abuse by end users. Yet they represent a critical component of the security infrastructure for thousands of companies and must be absolutely reliable.

“We are excited to be able to provide our customers with software protection tokens of superior strength. This study validates that our Sentinel Hardware Keys are the strongest available,” said Ken Chow, Vice President for SafeNet´s Software Protection Business Unit. “Our customers now receive an added measure of reliability, in addition to the most advanced anti-piracy technology.”

An Executive Summary of the study results as well as the complete study test report are available at .

Sentinel Hardware Keys – SafeNet´s industry-leading hardware tokens which, when attached to a computer or network, monitor and enforce the licensing of products which have been protected using this solution. Sentinel Hardware Keys deliver government-grade security through public key cryptography, AES encryption and internal authentication.

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