SafeNet Provides Data-at-Rest Protection for Laptop Workstations and Servers to Government and Enterprises

By | June 14, 2006

SafeNet, Inc. (NASDAQ:SFNT), setting the standard for information security, today announced the union of two of the company´s leading technologies –the SafeEnterprise ProtectDrive disk encryption product and the SafeNet Borderless Security iKey 2032 identification token–for the formation of SafeNet´s new Solution. The ProtectDrive + iKey 2032 Solution provides scalable encryption and authentication-based access security designed especially to protect data at the asset level for the world´s leading organizations.

Global organizations are demanding the ability to store data across large numbers of distributed locations, resulting in enhanced accessibility for employees, consultants and customers worldwide. The explosion of publicized data breaches resulting from the misplacement or theft of company laptops containing sensitive data has forced enterprises and their customers to realize the risk and severity associated with the vulnerable nature of Data-at-Rest– data stored on a hard disk, file, folder, application, database or any medium that´s not traveling the network. SafeNet has developed this Solution to address the increased vulnerability of an organization´s Data-at-Rest that is the consequence of increased data mobility.

SafeNet´s ProtectDrive + iKey 2032 Solution couples industry-leading disk encryption and strong token-based pre-boot authentication to ensure that an enterprise´s sensitive data is always highly protected at the asset level. SafeNet´s Solution allows enterprises to increase mobility and expand the reach of their business operations by providing them the security necessary to confidently permit employees, contractors and consultants to carry sensitive data on personal laptops, PCs and servers.

“SafeNet has built the ProtectDrive + iKey 2032 Solution on the foundation of technologies currently deployed in the world´s leading financial, pharmaceutical, legal, government and enterprise organizations,” said Andy Solterbeck, general manager, Data Protection Business Unit, SafeNet. “SafeNet leveraged the company´s more than twenty years of encryption and user authorization expertise to provide our customers with a level of security so granular that even the most progressive efforts of data hackers and thieves pose no viable threat.”

SafeNet Borderless Security iKey 2032

The Borderless Security iKey 2032 offers a compact hardware solution for authentication and digital identity management. While offering similar functionality to a smartcard, iKey packs two-factor authentication, encryption key management, and digital signing functionality into a tiny, secure package that includes an integrated USB port to eliminate the need for a separate reader device.

SafeEnterprise ProtectDrive

ProtectDrive encrypts the entire hard drive of a laptop, workstation and server, to protect against disclosure of information in the case of theft and accidental loss of the hardware device. Pre-boot authentication prevents unauthorized users from circumventing the operating system to access sensitive information.

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