SafeNet Launches DRM Fusion Toolkit

By | March 22, 2006

SafeNet, setting the standard for information security, has announced the launch of its DRM Fusion Toolkit, a powerful platform enabling secure delivery of premium digital content which supports the official Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DRM V2.0 standard. The toolkit targets mobile operators, service providers and content owners running complex content distribution infrastructures servicing tens of millions of consumers.

The DRM Fusion Toolkit features comprehensive support including full compatibility with the Content Management Licence Administrator (CMLA) infrastructure and trust model. CMLA is a licensing and compliance entity formed to provide a full solution implementation of the OMA Digital Rights Management (DRM) version 2.0 interoperability specifications.

The OMA DRM V2.0 standard was recently finalised by the Open Mobile Alliance and represents the first open standard supporting the advanced security needed in order to protect premium digital content. Adoption of the standard is therefore an important milestone for both content owners, who demand strong protection of their content, and consumers, who demand the ease of use and interoperability associated with open standards.

“The OMA DRM V2.0 standard will be a significant catalyst for the rapid growth of mobile content delivery,” said Prakash Panjwani, vice president and general manager for SafeNet’s Rights Management Business Unit. “SafeNet’s DRM Fusion Toolkit is well-positioned to enable this new marketplace, facilitating mass adoption and providing new opportunities for all players in the value chain.”

Building on Success

SafeNet’s DRM Fusion Toolkit builds on the success of SafeNet’s DRM Fusion, the first DRM product to support multiple DRM technologies and enable secure delivery of content to a wide range of client devices. Whereas SafeNet’s DRM Fusion is a stand-alone product, SafeNet’s DRM Fusion Toolkit is designed for integration into the complex infrastructures operated by large content distributors.

Specific features of SafeNet’s DRM Fusion Toolkit tailored to the needs of mobile operators include:

· Support for multiple DRM standards – including OMA DRM v1.0, OMA DRM v2.0, and Microsoft DRM

· Incorporation of CMLA – provides a trusted environment for distribution of digital assets and follows CMLA guidelines for robust DRM implementation

· High-performance – capable of issuing thousands of licences per second

· Scalable – designed to scale seamlessly to multiple servers as deployments grow to tens of millions of users

· Flexible – easily integrates with third party Content Management Systems (CMS), Content Delivery Systems (CDS) and Service Delivery Platforms (SDP), enabling content deliverers to capitalise on existing infrastructure investments and select best-of-breed components

· Platform-agnostic – coded in Java so that it can be deployed on the servers favored by mobile operators

· Diverse business models – allows content to be distributed via a variety of business models, including subscription and “try-buy”. Also supports superdistribution which allows users to forward content directly to their friends

· Interoperable – tested against a broad set of client devices and software in order to ensure interoperability with as wide a range of clients as possible

Advanced Security for Multiple Applications

SafeNet’s DRM Fusion Toolkit includes cryptography algorithms, digital signing, authentication, certificate management, secure licences and communication protocols to content and service providers. The Toolkit is content agnostic, providing security to all content types and formats, such as ringtones, audio, video and Java games. Various transmission methods can also be supported for downloaded, streamed and broadcast content.

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