SafeGuard PrivateDisk 2.01

By | December 11, 2006

Utimaco, the data security company, has launched SafeGuard PrivateDisk 2.01, upgrading the current edition of the data protection tool giving mobile workers the opportunity to protect their data while on the move and access in external environments.

The SafeGuard PrivateDisk Portable 1.0 application allows users to extract files from a memory stick to another portable device or PC, and to read it even if the system does not have encryption software installed. This flexibility will greatly benefit the mobile workforce, enabling those who carry memory sticks with encrypted data to meet company security standards as well as read their data anywhere. In addition, SafeGuard PrivateDisk 2.01 Enterprise Edition offers stronger recovery functions, giving administrators the ability to specify multiple recovery certificates, which are assigned automatically to a new SafeGuard PrivateDisk as soon as it is activated.

By upgrading SafeGuard PrivateDisk 2.01 including Portable 1.0, Utimaco is ensuring its users have complete protection against unauthorised Plug and Play devices – providing a solid security blanket in an ever increasing flexible working environment. With the development of the Portable 1.0 feature, Utimaco is benefiting from the increasing trend in USB usage, with memory revenue estimated to grow by 15.5 per cent in 2007, reaching $57.4 billion, according to research analyst Gartner.

SafeGuard PrivateDisk Portable allows access to memory sticks without SafeGuard PrivateDisk being installed. By selecting the checkbox of the new Disk Wizard users can add the application PrivateDisk Portable to the destination directory of the newly created PrivateDisk volume in case it is located on removable media.

The new version is available in two editions: The personal edition is designed for use in small and medium-sized companies, while the enterprise edition, with its extended configuration and distribution options, is designed to meet the needs of larger organisations. SafeGuard PrivateDisk 2.01 including PrivateDisk Portable is now available. For users of previous versions, SafeGuard PrivateDisk Portable 1.0 is available as a freeware download:

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