Route1 Solution Embraces New Federal Requirements for Laptop Encryption and Two-Factor Authentication

By | December 17, 2006

Route1, Inc.™ (TSX-V:ROI), a market leader in providing secure, identity-managed remote computing solutions, today announced that the Route1 MobiKEY™ embraces the new federal requirements for laptop encryption and two-factor authentication mandated for civilian agencies. A number of state agencies in Florida—including the State University System, the Department of Education and the Public Service Commission—have embraced Route1’s solution, which utilizes military-grade security to provide secure remote access to desktop and network resources in full compliance with the new mandate.

Following a wave of high profile data thefts and major security breeches involving remote access or the theft of government laptop computers containing sensitive personal information, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) gave federal agencies until August 7, 2006 to implement new data security requirements to protect sensitive data. Among the recommendations is the encryption of all sensitive data on mobile devices; token- or card-based two-factor authentication for remote access; and the tracking of data extracted from federal databases.

“Route1 welcomes the new federal guidelines for remote access and data security,” said Andrew White, CEO of Route1. “With Route1’s smart card-enabled technology we are able to bridge the gap between the need for security levels that meet the strict new federal requirements and user requirements for remote access and flexibility.”

Fully compliant with new federal requirements, Route1’s MobiKEY is an ultra-portable computing solution embedded on a cryptographically-enabled USB token device that stores a user’s identity to ensure secure access to desktop and network resources from any Internet-enabled, Windows-based PC. The MobiKEY is a virus, malware and attack resistant solution which eases concerns that network administrators have about exposure to vulnerabilities through access from outside corporate environments. Since access is initiated from inside the corporate firewall, MobiKEY completely eliminates the threat of unauthorized access.

Route1 Channel Partners

Route1 meets the needs of its customers by selling its solution through an extensive network of highly specialized global channel partners, such as Six X Telecom Corp. Based in Lakeland, Florida, Six X is an ISO TL9000 certified supplier to the federal government and is recognized as a national diversity supplier of telecommunications products and related value-added solutions. The company is an accredited reseller of Route1 products in North America, Bermuda and the Caribbean (excluding Puerto Rico). Six X is also the primary reseller of Route1 technology to the U.S. Federal Government, and sole reseller to all branches of the Florida State Government. For more information visit, or call 863-667-4467.

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