Rogue spots expose U of I data

By | August 24, 2006

Wireless Internet allows computer users to go online from almost anywhere – such as in the library, on the lawn or in a dormitory lounge on a college campus. But university students, faculty and staff who set up their own wireless connecting points, called hot spots, may be putting themselves and the school´s network at risk, computer security officials said.

The University of Iowa recently discovered 80 unauthorized access points to its wireless network in an audit of nine academic buildings. These so-called rogue access points were probably set up by faculty or staff impatient for wireless service, which covers only 15 percent of campus, said Jane Drews, information technology security officer for the U of I.

But these rogues, half of which were not encrypted, leave the U of I vulnerable to hackers or people who want to commit crimes through someone else´s Internet connection, computer specialists said.Read Full Story

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