Review: SpeedUpMyPC

By | December 24, 2003

This program is a new powerful system utility from LIUtilities Inc. that helps you get the most out of your computer without being a windows expert. Its features: free up memory and other resources, optimizing your internet connection, reassign CPU to improve performance, prevent crashes and reduce startup times considerably.

The installation is very simple and done within few seconds, as the main installation file is only 1.7 MB. The installation does not require restarting Windows in order to start using the program. To help you get started, a user manual is included that explains everything very detailed.

When starting the program, it prints a system overview, details such as memory usage, page file usage, network connection and more, and recommending a number of actions to be taken in order to improve system performance. These actions vary on different systems depending on your system state and hardware configuration. In order to avoid your system running out of resources, it enables you to setup an automatically RAM recovery and page file alarm.

SpeedUpMyPC lets you track system CPU usage and assign more CPU resources to specific program, which allows you to ensure that critical programs will get all the CPU resources they need to run smoothly. On contrary, you can specify which program will be running “quietly in the background” and will not be allowed to use left over CPU resources.

Memory usage monitoring is another feature of SpeedUpMyPC; it lets you monitor your system’s memory usage and setup an automatically RAM recovery when memory usage exceeds a specified percentage.

What the readers of eBCVG are mostly interested in is security and networking, so here are the security/network-related features.

  • SpeedUpMyPC monitors bandwidth usage and optimize internet connection and browser settings for maximum bandwidth and speed
  • It terminates suspicious tasks, removing unnecessary background applications, recovers the control over your computer when an application crashes and causes the system to stop responding
  • Optimize startup settings

From what I have experienced, I can surely say that this product is of great value to both IT professionals and home users. Head over to LIUtilities and get yourself a copy.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
  • 10MB free disk space
  • 32MB RAM
  • Pentium 400 MHz or higher

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