Review: SmartLine DeviceLock

By | December 22, 2005

Businesses have spent millions protecting their corporate email and gateway servers from a vast range of security threats such as, malware and identity theft and data loss. But with USB memory, portable storage and media devices, IT professionals take no steps to monitor the usage of these devices, therefore ignoring the threat of internal security breaches at the network end-points.

Perimeter security solutions provide no defense against acts of data theft from within your business. Employees within the company don’t have to be an administrator to connect an iPod player, or a flash memory and begin downloading whatever they want.

That is where SmartLine DeviceLock comes in. The product offers cheap and effective way of policing the use or removal storage devices such as floppies, Zip drivers, CD-ROMs, USB devices, tape devices and many any other removable devices. In addition, the product can control access to 802.11b wireless devices, Bluetooth adapters and FireWire devices.

DeviceLock can be either installed on end-point computers or the main server, allowing centralized installation, configuration and management.

The product allows IT administrators decide which devices each user is permitted to access through a simple management console. It allows administrators to control access by time of day and day of the week. All permissions can be set for individual users or user groups.

Additional features include passwords protected devices for maximizing security, and protection against unwanted uninstall of the software. In addition, DeviceLock gives the ability to flush the buffers of any storage devices to ensure nothing goes walkabout.

DeviceLock is definitely very wise investment. It provides an easy to use software package that helps IT administrators to deploy throughout the enterprise an effective solution to protect the business from internal data theft.

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