RetailConnection for Secure Retail Applications

By | January 16, 2006

GoRemote has announced the GoRemote RetailConnection service, a secure, managed IP VPN service which connects and empowers retail locations while enabling retailers to reduce the time and labor spent on managing retail location networks.

Instead, retailers can focus that time and labor on improving customer experience and on effectively delivering business-critical applications in stores to drive top line growth and bottom line efficiencies. GoRemote RetailConnection creates one virtual business network with the flexibility, reliability and performance to cost effectively run connected retail applications the way retail businesses require.

The number of mission critical retail applications is increasing, such as centralized customer and returns databases, online payment processing, and digital signage. Retailers use broadband virtual networks as the only solution that cost-effectively improves the speed, reliability and flexibility of communications among their stores. RetailConnection includes the design, provisioning, deployment and management of a virtual business network that enables retailers to increase operational efficiencies and positive customer experiences while decreasing labor, expense and risk.

“With GoRemote RetailConnection, retailers spend less time on technology and more time on what is important — the customer,” said Tom Thimot, CEO of GoRemote, “GoRemote managed virtual business network services deliver the efficiencies and competitive advantage retailers need to succeed in today´s marketplace.”

GoRemote RetailConnection is a complete, fully-managed IP VPN service for connecting retail locations to centralized customer databases, networks, and payment processing centers, via high-speed broadband networks. GoRemote RetailConnection enables enterprises to optimize communications costs by replacing costly frame relay and VSAT networks or inefficient legacy dial-up connections, while improving network throughput by 15-20x.

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