Reflex Disknet Pro To Support Network Access Protection For Windows Server

By | May 19, 2006

Reflex Magnetics, a leading provider of IT security solutions for organisations worldwide, has today announced that it is preparing the latest version of its Reflex Disknet Pro software to support Microsoft’s Network Access Protection (NAP) for Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ and Windows Vista.

Reflex’s flagship Disknet Pro software is currently used by businesses of all sizes including government and military agencies to ensure corporate data never comes under threat. As well as managing the use of removable media devices and removing the risks associated with loss and theft of devices, Reflex Disknet Pro also protects against unauthorised system access, illegal importing of data, software piracy and introduction of malicious code and viruses.

“So many of our existing customers are using Microsoft operating systems, by making this move to support NAP we are ensuring that Reflex Disknet Pro will be compatible with any future systems they may implement,” said Andy Campbell, managing director, Reflex Magnetics. “Reflex Disknet Pro enables companies to make the most out of removable media devices by allowing their employees to store and transfer data securely. By supporting NAP we can ensure that our customers are able to maintain their network’s health in line with Microsoft’s new operating systems.”

Reflex Disknet Pro allows the systems administrator to take control of all USB and other memory devices. Access to devices can be controlled either by denying all access, providing read only access, allowing full authorised access or enforcing only encrypted access.

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