Reducing the Cost and Complexity of Patch Management in the Real World

By | June 20, 2006

Network security is becoming more complicated and expensive as the number of threats and vulnerabilities to networks increases year after year. The endless stream of patches from software vendors that help ensure network security can overwhelm the resources of an IT department with testing and implementation of those patches within the critical window period.

Sponsored by PatchLink(R) Corporation, the market leader in enterprise patch and vulnerability management, Advanced Behavioral Health (ABH) presents a powerful customer webcast on how developing an effective patch management process can mitigate risk and cost to your network.

Through this webcast, attendees will learn how ABH, a healthcare company requiring 24/7 uptime across multiple locations, met the challenge of going from manual patching to an automated patch and vulnerability management process to secure its IT infrastructure and protect critical client data of more than 50,000 patients.

Join Gabriel Selmi, network administrator for ABH, as he shares his real world challenges, approach, benefits, and lessons learned in developing a security patch and vulnerability management process. Learn how to: Minimize IT resources through an automated patch management process; Accurately assess and continuously monitor the health of a network; Easily demonstrate patch compliance against internal and external policies and regulations; Lessons learned in developing an effective patch management process.

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