Redknee Protects Wireless Subscribers’ Privacy Concerns with Industry First Solution

By | March 29, 2006

Redknee Inc., a leading provider of innovative infrastructure software that monetises and personalises services and content for mobile users, today announced the general availability of its Unified Profile Server (UPS) for mobile network operators worldwide. UPS protects privacy concerns, allowing users to retain control over their wireless identity and have a higher comfort level with trying and using new mobile services more often. Eliminating this usage barrier, UPS paves the way for adoption of next generation wireless data services, while addressing current legal and future regulatory requirements.

“We see an enormous opportunity in the mobile market for data services,” said Roger Entner, vice president, Wireless Telecoms, Ovum. “The biggest hole in the mobile network operator offering is the lack of guaranteed privacy. Users want to control access to and use of their personal information to avoid the type of trouble the theft of credit data is posing on the Internet.”

Redknee´s UPS alleviates the fact that many users feel their identity may be threatened from using personalised services. In a public opinion poll by Forrester Research, 43 percent of respondents felt that location-based services would threaten their privacy.

“Redknee´s Unified Profile Server (UPS) solution brings reality to the next generation of personalised services, positioning mobile network operators to increase their value of each subscriber, resulting in increased profitability and decreased churn,” said Lucas Skoczkowski, CEO of Redknee. “UPS enables operators to put subscribers at the center of the service strategy – everything that a subscriber has done to date, helps improve their service experience in a real-time fashion, while protecting their privacy and allowing permissive marketing.”

Redknee´s UPS solution provides subscribers with a convenient single sign-on and at the same time alleviates privacy concerns for next generation personalised services such as location-based services (LBS) and presence by empowering users to control when, where and who sees their identity information and under what permissions. For example, one subscriber requesting emergency roadside assistance may share on a one-time-only basis their location while another subscriber elects to share their shipping address to a shipping company for an off-net purchase.

Redknee´s UPS helps operators build user confidence, boosting usage of value-added services through personalisation. By federating a subscriber´s permissions and identity across the network into one easy to manage spot, UPS enables operators to act as a trusted and secure broker to add value to third party enterprises and affiliate services by sharing information in a secure and permissive fashion.

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