Red alert on Web 2.0 Security

By | September 25, 2006

One by one internet sites and major portals continue to upgrade their sites with latest trend, web 2.0. But according to the experts, web 2.0 has many security vulnerabilities. On the 18th, Daum Communications (Korea´s second largest Internet firm after NHN) introduced its AJAX based new homepage with improved UI (User Interface), personalized oriented services. Once the users are logged in, the newly designed start page enables checking e-mails, updates from blog and cafe a breeze, all without having to go to different pages.

Yahoo! Korea also came out with its latest web 2.0/AJAX based homepage last August 1. The beta version of the homepage which started in earlier May now offers more personalized service to users.

Also in recent, SK communications (3rd behind Daum) introduced new (web

2.0) search engine service through its Nate and Cyworld websites. As the trend indicates, web 2.0 is on the move toward user based service.

However, most of these web 2.0 based websites should not forget about security vulnerabilities that exists in web 2.0, according to industry experts.Read Full Story

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