recruitmax acquires competency management leader inscope

By | February 7, 2006

Recruitmax, a global leader in technology and services for building great workforces, announced today that it has acquired InScope Corporation, a provider of competency-driven human capital management solutions for mid- to large-size organisations. This acquisition brings together two industry-leading offerings to create an unparalleled solution for attracting and retaining top talent.

Based in Purchase, N.Y., InScope’s competency management solutions allow companies to create a consistent standard for hiring, measuring, promoting and compensating employees, giving HR professionals an objective basis for managing their workforce. Products include competency modelling tools and competency and job model libraries. The libraries are defined with both behavioural indicators and interview questions and grouped by function and industry.

“The addition of InScope’s competency management offerings is a natural fit for the Recruitmax strategic workforce management suite,” said Derek Mercer, founder and chief executive of Recruitmax. “The library of competencies, behavioural indicators, job models and interview questions adds a new dimension to our suite of applications, including improved workforce planning capabilities and increased consistency throughout the product suite. The addition of InScope’s talented team, with extensive experience in building and delivering competency and performance management solutions further strengthens our effort to enhance our suite of solutions in order to better serve our customers.”

Recruitmax provides a web-based suite of products for recruitment, onboarding, performance and compensation management. While the product suite is available on-demand, in a modular (per-product) basis, it is even more powerful when integrated into one comprehensive system. Demand for integrated workforce management systems is growing significantly as companies increasingly seek out vendors who can meet their comprehensive HR technology needs. Competencies create a standard throughout the entire employee lifecycle, allowing consistent metrics to be established from one workforce management process to the next. The addition of InScope’s extensive competency management content and technology adds unmatched depth and integration capabilities to the Recruitmax product suite, further differentiating the company from its competitors.

According to a report from Gartner Research, “Competencies are an underlying foundational element in all of the applications in a talent management application suite. It is important to have a competency model that is shared and consistent across all of the applications.” (Gartner, Inc.: “Talent Management Application Suites Can Enhance Workforce Effectiveness,” James Holincheck, June 14, 2005.)

InScope’s competency library includes approximately 1,700 competencies spanning numerous job classes, over 8,000 interview questions and more than 39,000 behavioural indicators. The company also offers approximately 1,300 job models. Competencies and job models are researched by industry and are grouped by both industry and function. The company’s offering is differentiated by its depth and breadth of material, which has been developed through years of industry-specific research with attention to consistency and a high regard for regulatory compliance when applicable.

“We are extremely excited about this combination,” said Susan Walden, CEO of InScope. “Recruitmax’s technology and market leadership, combined with InScope’s competency tools and libraries, forms an unrivalled offering in today’s market for strategic workforce management solutions. Recruitmax’s track record of successful acquisitions is a testament to their vision and ability to execute. We look forward to being part of the team and joining forces to help organisations differentiate themselves through their people.”

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