Reconnex introduces Reconnex 5.0

By | October 23, 2006

Reconnex has announced Reconnex 5 of its iGuard 3600 appliance, which can detect risk to corporate information at each stage of exposure: before exposure occurs, while it happens, and even after exposure has already taken place.

Defending against threats at each stage of risk exposure is challenging. An information protection system must be able to secure sensitive data at rest, before a threat becomes real; protect it during transmission, when the risk of abuse or misuse is highest; and help IT identify and address unforeseen threats after they occur.

The Reconnex 5.0 includes these features: The ability to discover valuable IP in data at rest; Expanded capabilities for monitoring information in motion across the network; The ability to block inappropriate information from leaving the network and the ability to manage multiple Reconnex systems from a central location.

“Enterprises know today that IP is difficult to identify precisely. That’s why we created a complete solution that couples the rich content-detection capabilities of Reconnex 5.0 with our unique before, during, and after approach to information protection,” says Faizel Lakhani, Vice President of Marketing at Reconnex.

Reconnex 5.0 is available immediately for the Reconnex iGuard appliance. Pricing starts at $47,995.

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