Quiconnect selected to give BT customers even more global Wi-Fi access

By | May 17, 2006

Quiconnect, a systems integrator specialising in enabling and operating virtual networks over wireless broadband, has been selected by BT to establish more wireless roaming interconnections, providing even greater Wi-Fi access for BT Openzone customers across the world.

The partnership means that Quiconnect is now interlinking the BT Openzone network to other secure wireless broadband networks across the globe, operating an “interconnection hub.” This will continue to increase the number of public hotspots that BT customers can access.

The agreement has already resulted in Quiconnect establishing a live interconnection between BT and Kubi Wireless, Spain´s leading wireless internet service provider. This will offer BT Openzone customers immediate access to over 250 hotspots in key locations, such as select Spanish airports, railway stations, hotels and conference centres throughout the country.

In addition, Quiconnect will also soon bring online a number of hotspots operated by South African market leader, Internet Solutions, giving BT Openzone customers wireless connectivity in yet another continent.

Quiconnect is able to consolidate all the connections for multiple bilateral agreements to provide technical and financial interconnectivity and clearinghouse services worldwide. As such, this systems integration service plays a key role in enabling any Wi-Fi user to have access to cost-effective IP-based data and voice services, worldwide and on multiple devices. For BT specifically, the agreement adds to the 8,500 UK and Ireland hotspots and over 30,000 global hotspots to which BT Openzone customers already have access.

Troy Simoni, Quiconnect´s chief executive officer says, “BT is one of the UK´s leading Wi-Fi providers, with a record of consistent innovative leadership. What Quiconnect provides is an efficient means to technically execute, operate and manage those roaming interconnections, and the specialist tools, technology and services to enable BT to keep their innovative edge. We recognise the importance of maintaining BT´s brand equity, and that´s why we take extra measures to facilitate easy customer log in and enhance the user´s hotspot experience.

“We´ve been providing similar services for a growing list of carriers which has given us the opportunity to develop and test a whole set of tools, technology and processes. BT gets to benefit from that experience – making their rollout faster and more efficient, and ensuring their services are leading edge. Likewise, we get the benefit of working with a true world leader in 21CN and wireless broadband,” adds Simoni.

Julie Ragbourne, Head of Openzone Wholesale & International Roaming, BT Wireless Broadband adds: “The partnership with Quiconnect will accelerate BT´s ability to add additional Wi-Fi roaming facilities for its customers, and the initial agreements with Kubi Wireless and Internet Solutions demonstrate our very real commitment to growing Wi-Fi access. This is another stride towards helping to make public Wi-Fi similar to the cashpoint system, whereby all users can access Wi-Fi through everyone else´s secure networks – a cornerstone of our wider mobility and convergence vision.”

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