Quiconnect and Cicero Networks announce auto-logon at public hotspots to drive usage of wVoIP services

By | May 16, 2006

Quiconnect and Cicero Networks announce the availability of CiceroPhone with Quiconnect´s Hotspot Connector solution making it seamless for users to make wVoIP calls at public hotspots. CiceroPhone is a converged softphone which delivers Fixed Mobile Convergence on wireless devices, intelligently routing calls over the best available network – Wi-Fi, 3G, WiMAX or cellular. Quiconnect Hotspot Connector automates the connection of Wi-Fi enabled devices at public hotspots, thereby removing the complexity of users gaining wireless Internet access on the move.

Quiconnect´s Hotspot Connector quickly automates the authentication process of Wi-Fi devices (including smartphones and PDAs) at commercial hotspots. The software includes the various scripts required for a user to log onto a network and includes preloaded credentials. When bundled with CiceroPhone it means that users at public hotspots can automatically make and receive wVoIP calls and send IMs without having to go through a cumbersome logon process.

Andrew Schultz, Quiconnect´s head of marketing and strategy, explains, “By working jointly with Cicero Networks, Quiconnect has created an ultra simple, commercially viable solution to automatic hotspot log-on. We have taken expertise gained from working with hotspot network operators to create a solution with Cicero that is one of the most exciting wVoIP solutions on the market. Getting connected at home and the office has been manageable, but the challenge has been extending this in the public domain to capitalise on the huge growth in hotspot coverage.”

“Ease-of-use is a critical requirement for all service providers as they launch fixed mobile convergence services. Making it simple for subscribers to use wVoIP services in public hotspots and metro Wi-Fi areas has been a key component of our strategy,” said Elaine Treacy, Vice President Marketing at Cicero Networks. “We are delighted to have collaborated successfully with Quiconnect in delivering this solution.”

To date, it has been hard to connect Wi-Fi enabled devices to public hotspots as users have had to remember password information, key in credit or scratch card details, or know that their ISP has a roaming agreement with a third party aggregator. As more and more devices have Wi-Fi built in, the challenge of connectivity will increase and automatic logon will be critically important.

Hotspot Connector gives device manufacturers, application vendors, software developers and service providers the possibility to embed automated access to hotspots as part of their product or service offering. By making access to hotspots as simple as connecting to home or enterprise WLANs, Quiconnect is facilitating easier Wi-Fi usage for people on the go.

Quiconnect has been creating virtual WLAN networks for telcos such as BT, Sprint and Orange France, and has established worldwide interconnection agreements with key network operators such as The Cloud, FatPort, Concourse Communications, Hub Tйlйcom (formerly ADP Tйlйcom), PT Wi-Fi (part of Portugal Telecom Group), BeeNet´s Y5Zone, Naxos, Meteor and Internet Solutions.

Schultz concludes, “We´ve established the public WLAN interconnection infrastructure to ensure back end systems interoperability working with our telco customers. The launch of Hotspot Connector provides a client device solution today, which radically solves the connection hassles. We are looking to further our partnership with Cicero Networks and to partner with third parties to bring it to market.”

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