Questions for Ben Edelman, Spyware Expert

By | April 13, 2006

There are many forms of abuse online, but they´re often hard for an investigator to trace. In fact, one can often only infer their nature by examining peripheral clues. Does your competitor´s IP address show up in your search campaign referral logs again and again?

It´s probably click fraud. Do you get a customer complaint about seeing an ad for your footwear brand on an S&M discussion forum? Maybe it´s time to reexamine your ad network relationships.

Spyware expert Ben Edelman is trying to get beyond inferences and document what´s really going on. He´s able to do this because he works directly with infected computers to identify harmful download and marketing practices. He can say with certainty, for instance, that a Yahoo! Publisher Network ad was syndicated out to an unethical spyware environment, because he documented it on his very own computer.Read Full Story

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