Protegrity, Safenet partner to secure database content

By | October 6, 2006

Protegrity and SafeNet has announced a multifaceted partnership that enables enterprise clients to protect sensitive database content with integrated solutions using Protegrity’s Defiance DPS software, and SafeNet’s Luna and ProtectServer families of hardware security modules HSMs.

Protegrity will resell SafeNet’s HSMs to environments requiring the extra hardware protection of FIPS 140-1/FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certification. The first release of the combined solution is available in Defiance 4.2.Protegrity’s Defiance Security Software Suite protects data from acquisition-to-storage – from application, file, and database, to backup, storage and archival. SafeNet’s family of HSMs ensures that cryptographic keys and processes are stored and managed exclusively within FIPS and Common Criteria validated hardware.

Protegrity were recently granted a patent for defining where a user can process or store encrypted data and encryption keys. In addition to the secure master key storage on the HSM, Protegrity users can also choose to store and process encrypted data, encryption keys, and data tables within a database or within an HSM. Unlike network-attached encryption device point solutions, the Protegrity-SafeNet offering delivers the extra security many organizations require, without sacrificing the performance and scalability of a software solution.

SafeNet joins the Protegrity Alliance Network as a strategic partner. The PAN program creates a powerful network of independent software vendors, original equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and platform partners that deliver enterprise-level data security management solutions.

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