Protegrity CTO Ulf Mattsson to Present at Infosecurity Europe 2006

By | April 24, 2006

Protegrity Corporation, a leading provider of data security management solutions, today announced that Ulf Mattsson, CTO, is presenting at next week´s Infosecurity Europe 2006 which takes place April 25 through 27, 2006, at the Grand Hall, Olympia, London, UK. The conference addresses today´s strategic and technical issues in an unrivalled education program that showcases the most diverse range of new and innovative security products and services.

Mr. Mattsson´s presentation, “”The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Database Security Methods” starts at 2:30 PM on Wednesday, April 27, 2006, in the Technical Theatre.

Mr. Mattsson will address why organizations must protect sensitive data or face the consequences. Database encryption solutions have proven the best alternative to protect sensitive data. Protegrity´s CTO will review the security and performance aspects of three topologies for DB encryption, and discuss the mapping of heterogeneous environments to potential security alternatives. The objective is to raise the options for protecting sensitive data, and to review security and performance aspects of three dominant topologies for database encryption.

Incidents of data theft have dominated headlines for more than a year now. According to USA Today, 2005 was labeled a banner year for data leaks as several of the United States´ largest financial and retailing giants had sensitive customer data lost or stolen.

Ulf Mattsson´s advocacy for sound, and enterprise-wide, database security is thus a topic of pressing concern for organizations of all types. “Compliance requirements are becoming more and more stringent and businesses need to gear up for all the different policies and requirements,” he said.

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