Protect Your Windows Systems

By | August 29, 2006

For midsize organizations with a messaging infrastructure built around Microsoft Exchange, a layered approach to email management is essential. A layered approach positions different types of protection at defined levels of the email architecture. Ensuring email security and availability begins with controlling the flow of email information from start to finish. In functional terms, this involves removing unwanted content from the messaging system at the earliest possible point in time.

Ultimately, a layered approach to email management can reduce the risk and potential downtime posed by security threats and spam, help meet email policy and regulatory compliance needs, and optimize the accessibility and resiliency of the email infrastructure.


Today´s midsize organizations are under increasing pressure to provide access to their information assets to suppliers, partners, employees, and customers. As a result, they may find themselves struggling to balance information access with escalating risks of exposure given their limited resources.

As the Enterprise Strategy Group stated recently, “The need to protect information and systems remains a critical business priority for small and midsize businesses running Windows environments today. Those businesses typically do not enjoy the level of IT resources of large enterprise operations, and increasingly need easy to deploy solutions that deliver enterprise-quality protection.”

Midsize organizations seeking comprehensive protection for Microsoft Windows environments are encouraged to evaluate today´s best-in-class solutions for keeping their data, systems, and applications secure and highly available.

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