Products Supporting Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

By | December 26, 2005

Over 500 hours of vendor and user research was invested to identify, analyze and map over 100 technology vendors supporting Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, fraud detection and financial statement audits. Given the niche market for these technologies, there have been limited studies to date, especially to this extent.

The research reveals that three co-authors identified numerous best practices, industry trends and a clear definition of how the various technologies can be integrated for maximum organizational benefit. Aside from these holistic findings, more specific vendor selection criteria and detailed vendor analysis was completed for each of the over 100 vendors.

“Anyone looking to use technology in improving the efficiency of their Sarbanes-Oxley engagements or enhancing their audit-related activities can learn something from this research. I have learned more in the past year writing this research than in the last 13 years I have spent working in this technology space,” noted Rich Lanza, president of Cash Recovery Partners, LLC and one of the co-authors.

“In the past two years, we have seen more interest and associated product releases in audit, anti-fraud and assurance technology than in the past ten years combined. This will continue into 2006 and beyond as companies see the value of integrating audit technology into their business,” noted Dean Brooks, president of Ekaros Analytical Inc. and third co-author of the 2005 Buyer´s Guide to Audit, Anti-Fraud and Assurance Software.

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