Probes Scrutinize Caller ID Hacks

By | March 23, 2006

Government interest is gathering around so-called Caller ID spoofing services that allow users to camouflage their phone numbers, with Florida´s attorney general following the FCC in investigating the technology.

On Friday, state Attorney General Charlie Crist issued subpoenas targeting five different spoofing sites. For four of them, the subpoenas are directed at the registrars handling the services´ anonymous domain name registrations, and are aimed at unmasking the owners of the sites. A fifth went directly to one of the spoofing sites,, demanding business records and the identities of any Florida customers.

“People use Caller ID to protect themselves from unwanted calls and contact from those who would do them harm,” Crist said in a press release. “It is wrong for individuals or businesses to deceive our citizens, and this cannot be allowed to continue unchecked.”Read Full Story

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