Proactive Security

By | August 1, 2006

Having a proactive approach to security. What does that mean? In my opinion it means keeping up with all the latest exploits, rends, and hacking methods and actually trying them regularly on your server, including local root exploits and other nasty things.

A great number admins are either too lazy, too ignorant, or too scared to put these methods to work for them. And some just do not care, they figure they would rather just restore a backup without fixing the problem that made them have to restore in the first place. This is becoming a big problem as more uneducated, unqualified, and lazy admins are running servers now which leads to the Internet infested with their compromised machines sending spam, dos attacks, and brute force attacks of other servers,

The thing is you cannot depend on your distro´s security and development team to come out with secure and timely patches in order to protect your box and most admins just do a fresh install, install control panel, and leave it alone. Even some control panel software will prevent you from updating your machine and will interfere with security procedures you put in place.Read Full Story

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