Proactive Protection: a Panacea for Viruses?

By | December 3, 2006

Virus attacks have firmly established themselves as the leading IT security threat. Not only do they result in financial losses, but they also serve as a vehicle for many other security threats, such as the theft of confidential information and unauthorized access to sensitive data.

The antivirus industry has responded by coming up with a number of new approaches to protecting IT infrastructures – to name a few, these include proactive technologies, emergency updates during outbreaks, significantly more frequent antivirus database updates, etc. This paper is the first in a series of articles that will provide more information on the newest technologies used by antivirus companies and help users to judge the effectiveness of these technologies more objectively. In this article, we will focus on proactive technologies.

Virus attacks cause enormous damage and, equally important, the number of types of malicious code is growing at an increasing rate. In 2005, growth in the number of malicious programs exploded: according to Kaspersky Lab, the average number of viruses detected monthly reached 6,368 by the end of the year. Overall growth for the year reached 117% compared with 93% for the previous year.Read Full Story

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