Privacyware Upgrades its Intrusion Prevention Software

By | December 21, 2005

Privacyware, a provider of desktop and host security data solutions, today released an upgrade of its intrusion prevention solution ThreatSentry 3.0. Key enhancements to ThreatSentry 3.0 include increased protection from zero-days attacks and expanded administrative features to manage malicious activity within the host environment.

ThreatSentry is comprised of two core components. The first, an Application Firewall, is pre-configured with known exploitive techniques and attack characteristics which the administrator can enhance with guidelines and rules unique to their environment.

The firewall is coupled with an advanced neural-based Behavioral Engine that organizes server requests into a multi-dimensional baseline of typical system activity. Each server connection is scrutinized by the rule-set established in the application firewall and the behavioral baseline to identify and take action against any activity falling outside trusted parameters.

“Privacyware’s implementations of specialized behavioral anomaly detection technologies are the primary factors that differentiate our intrusion prevention and anomaly analysis solutions,” said Privacyware Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Konstantin Malkov. “In ThreatSentry 3.0, we’ve added adjustable lexicographic sub-string matching for HTTP requests and their parameters, enabling more intricate request inspection and therefore more effective detection of complex application level threats.”

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